Home Time: Beyond the Weaving (Book 2)

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Return to the astonishing world of talking peaches, magic tea, frightening wildlife, and threatening lizard tribes! The fantasy adventure too epic for one graphic novel finally reaches its conclusion.

Home Time: Under the River ended with a disastrous tea ceremony which left six kids lost, scared, confused, and even burnt. Now, the second half of the Home Time saga picks up from that nerve-wracking cliffhanger, as the children leave the relative safety of Peach Village in search of medicine, answers, and hopefully, a way home.

Equipped with a living map, a flask of hallucinogenic tea, and a plan so stupid it just might work, Lily, Amanda, Ben and Nathan will have to pull together at the very time they’ve drifted the furthest apart.

Award-winning graphic novelist Campbell Whyte is back, with his signature kaleidoscope of art styles, to cast a new spell wrapping up the most whimsically fantastical journey in ages. — a 220-page, full-color hardcover graphic novel, 9” x 9”

“Whyte’s world-building is as impressive as his ambitious story and his mastery of the half-dozen styles he wears… Built on a foundation of kids’ fantasy classics, but with the specifics of its world unique and the psychological drama wild and unpredictable as the pre-teen mind, Home Time feels both comfortably familiar and refreshingly new and unusual at the same time.” School Library Journal‘s Good Comics for Kids

“With Home Time, Campbell Whyte has created an intoxicating and visually stunning Australian Narnia.” The Conversation