Milktooth has three core values that we proudly weave into everything we do.

We understand that school can be a difficult place for a lot of children.

Our most important value is creating positive learning experiences that enables students to flourish. Everyone should feel good about who they are, what they’re able to achieve and how they like to learn.

Our hope is that the positive learning experiences from Milktooth can stay with students through the week, the year and their entire lives.

We believe that children are naturally capable of incredible things.

In our studio, we empower students with technical skills, a deep understanding of materials and the historical context needed to create their best work. All of this is bundled into fun, accessible and achievable programs.

Our hope is that these skills will mean that creativity becomes a normal part of our student’s lives, regardless of where their journey takes them.

We know that it feels good to come together with like-minded people.

Being surrounded by other people with the same interests offers an incredible network of learning that occurs not just between teacher and student, but between students as well.

Our hope is that our students come to see themselves as part of a larger creative community and understand that they’re not alone in their interests.