At milktooth we’re excited to announce our July school holidays! We’re offering a range of kids art classes at our Bayswater location in the second week of the holidays

Once you’ve had a look through all the workshops we have on offer, head over to our bookings page to secure your place.

Mini Masters: Native Birds

Thursday 12th July, 9.30am-12, $50
Thursday 12th July, 1pm-3.30, $50
Designed for students 8 and above

In this 2.5 hour long workshops, students will explore and celebrate native birds as they complete a detailed painting of their chosen winged friend.

Artist Elizabeth Marruffo will guide you through composing an image, preparing surfaces, image transferals and laying down tonal values. All important skills that can be used in any future paintings.

This workshops is ideal for those wanting to take their painting skills to the next level.

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Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Wednesday 11th July, 12-1.30pm, $35
Designed for students 7 and above

Using 100% Australian Merino wool felt and a picture of your pet we will be learning simple techniques to sculpt tiny portraits. As you get the hang of it we will also make any accessories or food your tiny pet might like.

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Lali Life Drawing

Wednesday 11th July, 10am-11.30, $35 FULL
Designed for students 8 and above

Drawing is fun.
Life-drawing even more so.
Life-drawing from a Mexican Hairless Dog? Beyond amazing!

Come spend a morning with our resident mascot, Lali, the Mexican Hairless Dog, as you try to capture her likeness. You’ll be taught a range of super-useful quick-drawing skills that you can then practice on our four legged friend. From capturing movement in line, analysing shapes and identifying tonal values.

This workshop will be a giggling fit, while also seriously improving your drawing skills.

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surrealist dream boat.jpg

Surrealist Dream Boats

Wednesday 11th July, 2pm-4, $40 FULL
Designed for students 7 and above

Join us as we teach you how to make a simple pinch pot boat and some magical creatures from your dreams to sail away inside it. Using polymer clay and some simple tips and tricks, artist Elizabeth Marruffo will help guide you on this dreamy sculpting journey


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