Dungeons and Dragons – The Grand Adventure with Hien Pham


1.00pm – 4.00pm 7th of July



This is it! The day of The Grand Adventure!

Grab your trusty bow, pack your supplies, check your spellbook and tune your lute, because you’re about to embark on the biggest, little adventure of your life.

Join master storyteller Hien Pham in this 3 hour workshop as he guides you through an introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. You’ll be shown all the foundations of good gameplay, such as establishing character, the rules of play and how to work as a team to tell fun stories collaboratively.

In ‘Feasts For A Giant’ you’ll be investigating a mysterious haunted mansion. ‘Torn old curtains drape over ruined, mossy walls. A family portrait hangs above the fireplace mantel. Out of the corner of your eyes, something sneaks in the shadows. A shiny glint of metal, golden and ruby red. Something is watching you, calling out to you. What do you do?’

Suitable for ages 9 and above