At milktooth we’re excited to announce our April school holidays. We’re offering a range of short workshops that have something for everyone, so dive on in!

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Magical Mushrooms and Cool Cacti

Tuesday 11th April, 1pm -3pm, $35
Thursday 13th April, 10am – 12pm, $35 2 SPOTS LEFT
Designed for students 6 and above

Have you ever wanted your very own mini-garden? Perhaps you’re not so good at remembering to water your plants…

Our felted mushrooms and cacti will make the perfect starter for you. Sharpen your needles and pull out your wool, we’re going to teach you how to sculpt a set of wonderful potted plants that you can keep by your bed or on the windowsill.

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felted terrariums

Felted Terrariums

Tuesday 11th April, 10am – 12am, $35 FULL
Designed for students 6 and above

Usually, a terrarium is a small glass enclosure which is used to grow plants. Our terrariums will be slightly different however as we will be filling ours with wonderful felted scenes from your imagination.

Mini mushrooms, tiny trees, shrubs, flowers, rocks and moss. We will teach you a bunch of great felt-crafting tricks as well as plenty of advice on how to landscape your terrarium for maximum awesome.

So steady your hand, get your needles ready and prepare to make the garden of your dreams.

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Fimo Pokemon Party

Monday 10th April, 10am – 12pm, $35
Monday 10th April, 1pm – 3pm, $35
Wednesday 12th April, 10am – 12pm, $35 FULL

Designed for students 6 and above

It’s time to roll out the fimo and get sculpting. In this workshop students will learn how to sculpt with polymer clay. This will include lessons identifying and forming simple shapes as well as a few more advanced techniques that they can then use at home to continue making their own creations.

During this workshop, students will be able to make their own starter set of Pokemon including Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

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cuties and mini beasts

Mini Beasts and Cuties

Wednesday 12th April, 1pm-3pm, $35 FULL
Designed for students 6 and above

It’s time to get tiny! Artist Elizabeth Marruffo will take you on a sculpting adventure as you create tiny creatures of the fantastic. Using polymer clay and a range of clever sculpting tools and techniques, you will learn the basic skills that will help you sculpt anything you like.

Dragons, chimera’s, mermaid’s, basilisk’s, harpies, unicorns, pegasus’s, pegacorns! Whatever your heart desires, we’ll help you make it a tiny reality.

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needle felted pet portraits

Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Thursday 13th April, 1pm – 3pm, $35 FULL
Designed for students 6 and above

Using 100% Australian Merino wool felt and a picture of your pet we will be learning simple techniques to sculpt tiny portraits. As you get the hang of it we will also make any accessories or food your tiny pet might like.

We have found that needle felting is highly addictive so we have take home balls of felt and tools you need available to purchase on the day.

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